Sales Conditions & Banks
Bids: All offers, including written offersare subject to final confirmation, and unless otherwise confirmed, buyers will be charged prices which are valid at the time of shipment.
Orders: All orders received by us aresubject to our general conditions of sale. All orders have to be confirmed by us. In the event of particular sales conditions being applied to a single order those conditions are not binding for subsequent orders.
Delivery terms: Sales are always made on basis ofFree Italian Border, or FOB Italian Port, without custom clearance and duties. On particular request prices can be offered including applicable freight rates.
Delivery Time: Delivery is always effected in theshortest possible time, with priority given to overseas shipments. Claims fordelays in delivery due to "force majeure" causes are not acceptable.
Insurance: Insurance of goods in transit may bearranged at the buyers request, and the cost will be separately debited.
Prices: Prices are usually made in EuropeanUnion EURO (€), and are always net per kilogram. We can make offers in different currencies, subject to buyer's request and our final confirmation.
Payments: IIrrevocable Letter of Credit, confirmed byan Italian Bank, payable at sight by the following Turin Based Banks against shipping and commercial documents: The validity of L/C must be at least60 days from date of notification to us. Alternatively anticipated cash payment will allow you to have a 3% discount.

CASSA DI RISPARMIO DI BRA - Agenzia di Canelli Viale Risorgimento, 68 - 14053 Canelli (AT) - ITALY

BANCA D'ALBA - Filiale di Canelli                           Piazza A.d'Aosta, 6 - 14053 Canelli (AT) - ITALY

BANCA SELLA - Filiale di Borgaro Torinese             Via Gramsci, 2 - 10071 Borgaro (TO) - ITALY

UNICREDIT - Centro Imprese Torino Cintura Est    Via Italia, 61 - 10036 Settimo Torinese (TO) - ITALY

INTESA SANPAOLO - Filiale 00527 – TORINO 27 Piazza Rebaudengo, 9 - 10155 Torino - ITALY

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