The use of Chlorinated Solvents as washing agents in the Metal and Steel Industries, and particularly in the production of brass point for writing instruments, with associated problems.

By Massimo Gippa, Pietro Buzzetti, Michele Robbiani

The REINOL chemical laboratory has been playing a very important role in the complex study of the problems related to the use of chlorinated solvents. The result is a book which represents a precious reference point in this field.
The Storia degli antichi inchiostri per scrittura e per stampa

La scrittura ha prodotto documentazioni che costituiscono il patrimonio storico, spirituale e scientifico dell’umanita, includendo nella scrittura, ovviamente, tutti i tipi di grafemi, ideogrammi, pittogrammi, scritti o dipinti.

The Writing and printing inks through the ages

The historic and technological evolution of inks is monething the public at large knows very little about: though inks have documented evrything, precious few publications have attempted to describe their origins and their history for a general audience. Even this review can lay no claim to covering all of the studies and investigations that have been devoted to the topic, which because of their unavoidability technical natur are difficult for the non-specialist to understand.

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