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REINOL are long established manufacturers of inks for all applications. Founded in 1977 in the metropolitan area of Turin, Italy, today REINOL is one of the most innovative companies in the writing technology sector.

REINOL produces inks for all writing applications, from standard ball point pens to the most sophisticated gel and roller pens, fiber pen inks for all applications, highlighters, dot-matrix tapes to inkjet printer inks of any kind, and cooperates with many industrial partners to reach the most desirable of targets: the best product at the most competitive price.

Color stability, longer shelf life of our products compared to competitors’, writing smoothness for outstanding performance giving users writing pleasure, bright colors.. these are just some of the features of Reinol’s inks!

This Is How We Do It


Highly experienced, skilled experts cooperate with REINOL in designing and evaluating products so as to ensure the best possible results meeting the different requirements posed to different inks. We are confident that with our enthusiasm and your support our motto “The Quality You Demand at the Price You Appreciate“ will become ever more true in future.

We at REINOL have always been convinced that only in renewal and diversification is it possible to find a key to enthusiasm and, hence, to the company’s progress based on everybody’s work, as everybody’s contribution to the final result is important. This attitude has made us believe in the possibility to gain a stand in the sector of coatings for aluminium packaging. We believe REINOL can play a major role in this sector thanks to their qualities: constant development and self-improvement; environmental awareness, which has led to the creation of an ever-growing range of “environmentally friendly” products; quick response in technical assistance; flexibility in production and servicing.


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