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Inks for Valve Systems

Water Based 

Glitter Iridescent 4165

Acrì Craft 3144 STD

Acrì Overwrite 4078

Acrì Wood Inks 4096

Peely Inks 1441

Acrì Water Resistant 4180

Acrì Craft 3144 Metal

Acrì Pastel 4119

Chalk Fluo 3229

Glow In The Dark 4294

Acrì Standard 17-742


Acrì Metal 2733

Acrì Strong Grip 3201/M

Glitter 3094

Acrì 2867

Acrì Metal 4120

Acrì Conc.4070 for 3201

Glitter Fluo 3122

Solvent Based 

Paint Marker Inks 2568

Paint Markal 2831-2879

Paint Odor Free Inks 2533

Paint Markers HS 3226

Paint Odor Free Inks 4117

Mirror Inks

Shadow Paint Inks 4053


We always recommend our customers to send us , when possible, small quantities of unassembled pens in order to make compatibility and optimum performance tests before finally recommending the best possible option. This is due to the fact that depending on the tip and on the other components the ink should be adjusted in order to have the right amount of ink flow and smoothness. Please store in place out of frozen.

We recommend you the use of following components:

  • Cap: Nylon or PP

  • Barrel: Blow moulded HDPE

  • Adapter: PP

  • Nibs: Acrylic


PAINT Marker Inks

Available in different colors. Please store in conditions which will avoid extremes of temperature.

We recommend you the use of following components:

  • Cap: Nylon

  • Barrel: Metal

  • Adapter: PP

  • Nibs: Acrylic



All standard packing is supplied free of charge, the cost not being invoiced to the buyer. Special packing can be arranged upon request with extra charges being debited to the buyer.

  • 9 plastic drums 30x37x60 h of 50 kgs (net) with straps on a pallet.

  • Plastic drums of 200 kgs (net); 60 Ø x 90 h

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