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Olive Oil & Cosmetics

Due to its chemical-physical and functional properties olive oil would deserve to be preferred over other vegetal oils (local and exotic), which, on the contrary, are appreciated and widely used in the industry.

Olive oil is definitely preferable over the majority of the most commonly used ‘cosmetic oils’ today.

Its content of fatty acids (including unsaturated) ensures restructuring and skin protection properties. We also need to mention that it is formed of squalene, alcohols and fatty acids and sterols, which are very similar to the structure of the sebum and therefore able to restore the fatty fraction of the skins hydrolipidic film.

Above all, we should not forget its richness in substances with an antioxidant function, whose action prevents the lipo-oxidation of the cells thanks to the capture of damaging free radicals.

REINOL has studied and created some products that may be considered as the “natural offspring” of olive oil. Thanks to their functionality and proved efficacy, these products are becoming increasingly more popular with cosmetic formulators.

Image by Colin Lloyd


​Its most important characteristics:

  • The emollient and lubricant peculiarities of the precious olive oil promote an enriching effect, which is very  appreciated in shampoos, toiletries and personal care formulations.

  • It reduces the irritating action of the compounds of surfactant system, protect skin and damaged hair from delipidification.

  • When enclosed in toiletries formulations, it does not modify the foaming power of the other surfactants.

  • It causes a thickening effect, not fluidising in any case.

  • It is endowed with a good solubilizing power, which is very appreciated in order to disperse oil, scents and liposoluble active principles in lotions and toiletries.

  • It remove make up in a mild way.

  • It gives very nice after-use feeling on the skin.

  • Because of its good skin and eye compliance, it can be used as an oily compound that permits the absorption of lipophilic active principles in bath and massage formulations.

  • The intermediate HLB value makes it an emulsifier or co-emulsifier in O\W systems.


 The most important characteristics are:

• It reveals a perfect compliance towards skin and hair

• It makes rich, creamy, shining and small bubbled foam.

• It has a good solubilizing capacity.

• It is stable in alkalis and acids, and it can be used in a large range of pH.

• It reveals an excellent stability in hard waters.

• Its wetting power is one of the most elevated, and it remains stable at all pH values.

• It can be used from 5 to 25% in shampoos and other toiletries, as primary surfactant and in association with others.

• Potential impurities as 1-4 dioxane and free ethylene oxide are absent.

Esperimenti di laboratorio
Image by Fulvio Ciccolo


INCI name=Sorbitan Olivate, consents the employment of any type of lipids, apolar or polar, without particular final differences and it reveals such properties to can be used in those cosmetic preparations where are required:

• The formation of a structure stable at cold or in warm temperatures.

• A formulating versatility.

• Facility and quickness of production.

REINOLDERM OLV 9 helps to:

• Make rich, nutritive W/O creams and lotions for sensitive skin

• Disperse homogeneously physical filters in sun products, skin protection from UV

• Keep skin protected from sun even in water (water resistance)

• Improve brilliance in make up products

• Reduce lip dryness caused by lipstick


REINOLDERM OLV 10 responds to the current market trends by offering a natural, pure, non-animal-tested product with outstanding properties, whilst retaining its skin-feel benefits of smoothness and lightness with excellent spreadability. The product functions are self-emulsifying, self-bodying oil-in-water emulsifier offering distinct technical advantages.

The product is composed by very mild surfactants. Human patch tests have shown that the blend does not cause skin or eye irritation and no sensitising potential of the components has been demonstrated.

REINOLDERM OLV 10 is free of chemical impurities, solvents, ethylene oxide and dioxane. The percentage of use of REINOLDERM OLV 10 is 3 - 4% in milks or lotions and in creams 4-6% depending on the oil volume and characteristic.

Image by Bee Naturalles
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