Water Based Inks

Cap Off Fiber Pen Inks

Regulations and Applicable Standard will be released upon request

Most of the water based inks could also be supplied into a concentrated form. Ask for more information.

All our fibre pen inks as been certified to be ASTM compliant. Where required we can produce inks in all colours using certified food quality constituents. Furthermore our inks can be produced with dyestuffs which are free from heavy metals according to EEC regulations.

Laboratory Remarks

Please store in conditions which will avoid estremes of temperature.


Standard Fiber Pen Inks

We recommend you the use of following components:

Cap, Barrel and End Plug: PP, PS or ABS.

Nibs: Nylon, PS, Acrylic, Syntered PE.

Filters: PS, Cellulose Acetate, PP


Other Fibre Pen Inks:

Cap, Barrel and End Plug: PP, PS or ABS.

Nibs: PS, Acrylic, Syntered PE.

Filters: PS



All standard packing is supplied free of charge, the cost not being invoiced to the buyer. Special packing can be arranged upon request with extra charges being debited to the buyer.

  • 9 plastic drums 30x37x60 h of 50 kgs (net) with straps on a pallet.

  • Plastic drums of 200 kgs (net); 60 Ø x 90 h